The Yoga Room of Hampshire​​

By Elizabeth Berent


NOVEMBER 3, 4, & 5, 2017

- Rejuvenate at one of the most beautiful retreat centers in the Midwest: The Abbey.

- Relax at this amazing resort and renowned spa amongst the fall colors and enjoy its 90 acres of tranquil beauty.

- Meditate on the shores of Lake Geneva every day! (It's right there on our workshop property.)

-  Get deep rest in the luxurious and comfortable accommodations.

-  Cleanse your body with healthy and highly nutritious meals.

-  Experience a personal photo shoot with world renowned spiritual photographer and have visual representation of your change.

-  Enjoy free and easy movement, releasing the body of tension and pain in morning and evening yoga sessions.

-  Deeply Reconnect with the self through multiple guided meditations and spiritual breathing sessions.

Begin with making the decision to claim a new possibility for your life and join us.

ARRIVAL Friday November 4th (Arrival between 4pm and 7pm)

DEPARTURE Sun November 6th at 1pm

On Friday, November 4, at 4:30pm we begin with a gentle hike to connect with nature and prepare for the workshop. If you cannot arrive in time for the walk our group will gather at 7pm on Friday. For late arrival, please contact Liz at [email protected]

Join us at a beautiful Lake Geneva oasis, the world renowned Resort and Spa, The Abbey, located in Fontana, Wisconsin.

Let yourself be fully immersed in peace and serenity in this powerful meditation and restorative yoga weekend retreat. Experience the power of being in this energetic field for an entire weekend.

Are you exhausted? Running endless errands? Always focusing on others’ needs? Overwhelmed with a never ending to do list? Feel disconnected from your true self, need to reboot and recharge?

Let go of the effort and find inner peace and empowerment. When you find inner peace - creativity, abundance, opportunities, boundless energy, living your heart’s desire and your bigger purpose will flourish. This is when life becomes EASY, regardless of your duties and situation. Embody courage to fully REST, RECONNECT and REJUVENATE.

To Register
FULL retreat is $650* (Includes retreat and meals, accommodations separate).

Daily Passes:
Friday, November 3, $150 (7pm to 10pm)
Saturday, November 4, $299 (11am to 7pm)
Sunday, November 5, $150 (9:30am to 1pm)

Non refundable deposit of $150 is due at time of registration. Full payment required for daily  passes.

Payment accepted online online at the online store  or by calling Liz (847)331-8305 or Jamie (262) 203-0936.