The Yoga Room of Hampshire​​

By Elizabeth Berent

Pain to Possiblities: Transform Grief and Loss into Profound Relief​​

Moving through change, loss and grief with tenderness, ease and empowerment.

Weekend Immersion
December 8th and 9th

Experience a powerful weekend immersion to deeply let go of loss and grief and enjoy life again, regardless of your situation.

This is a rare opportunity to work with Dan Brule, an internationally famous healer, coach, author, and one of the founders of the breathwork movement in the United States and worldwide. He has had unparalleled success relieving emotional and physical pain using the breath and he is here for the exclusive event to teach you how.


Supported by Chicago’s regional leaders in Breath Therapy - Liz Berent, international coach, teacher and healer and Marc Taylor, founder of the Midwest Breathwork Network, this dynamic team will guide you through a powerful weekend of knowledge, healing, and self discovery leaving you with a deep sense of peace, safety and utter contentment you never knew was possible.  

Is this weekend for you?

Have you recently had a major life change - an international move, empty nesters, divorce, new job, loss of a job - and are struggling to adjust and feel “normal” again?

Do you feel overwhelmed or simply need support around a life transition?

Are you struggling without a place to put your grief?

Are you feeling grief from a recent or past ending?

Do you want clarity in determining your direction in light of this life change?

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Find ease and enjoyment again in your life, regardless of the circumstances, demands, duties, or losses you’ve endured, so you can feel all the fulfillment and contentment that all of life has to offer.

Let go of those beliefs stemming from your loss ‘this is just the way it is’ - ‘it’s going to be difficult’ - ‘I have to get through this alone’ - ‘I can’t let people see me weak, sad or struggle ’. Let us show you how to move through this process without pretending, honoring how you feel and coming out the other end lighter and more hopeful.

This event includes a progressive methodology and breathwork process that Dan has taught worldwide to the most elite performers in the world, including Navy Seals, Multinational CEOs, and Hollywood’s Elite. His success and the success of his clients, dealing with the most powerful losses and life challenges have been his ultimate inspiration. 

"Not a day goes by that I do not use a Dan Brule breathing technique
or exercise" - Don Barnes, Attorney

II consider myself blessed to have met Elizabeth (Liz), and fortunate
to have her open my eyes to the power breathwork.
Due to health issues, pain and the stresses of life, I felt my days
slipping away from me. After working with Liz, I now have improved sleep, migraine relief, and daily energy that I didn’t have before. These sessions with Liz provided me with a healing that I didn’t know I had the capacity and power to make a reality. I now embrace my personal journey that Liz gave me a roadmap to follow. - Jenny E., Pharmacist

You will discover the secret of an amazing progressive methodology that will allow you to:
Release the pressures and heavens of losses leaving you light and free.

Have powerful physical and emotional healing though an awakening of your higher consciousness.

Enjoy a profound inner peace and deep relaxation.

Get rare, in-person access to Dan Brule and his expert wealth of knowledge on the topic of letting go to heal using the breath.

Receive two full group breath therapy sessions from our dynamic and internationally renowned team - Dan Brule, Liz Berent and Marc Taylor.

A private book signing event for attendees. And much more!

See Dan in this great podcast speaking about Breahtwork Mastery and transforming the Physical, Mental and Spiritual. 

You will not only feel wonderful after your weekend, you will have knowledge and support of how to maintain feeling so GREAT!

This is an exclusive event limited to a small group of attendees. We encourage early registration to secure your space. 

In gratitude and to encourage your familial and friends support network to attend, we are providing a very special offer to those that register. 

You may bring a friend or family member for 50% off! 

This is a limited time offer as we know the power of doing this work together and how it powerfully and positively impacts relationships. 
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Healing Happens Together!

Again this is a very RARE opportunity to meet and work with Dan in an intimate setting. 

Space extremely limited to keep this an intimate gathering as Dan workshops are tyipcally 100 and up. 

Questions: Please call Liz at the Yoga Room of Hampshire of Marc Taylor, Founder of Midwest Breathwork Network Association (231) 510-0316.

Where: The Yoga Room of Hampshire, 182 South State St., Hampshire, IL, 60140 (1 hour drive West of Chicago)

When: Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9 (Full Days)

Registration: Early Bird ends November 7th! Sign up now and save $300 plus be guaranteed a space.

BONUS: For those that sign up, we feel this work is powerful for relationships as well! Bring one friend for 50% off.

Contact Liz and Marc with questions or to register over the phone:
Liz (847) 331-8305 & Marc (231) 510-0316